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​ Experiences from people who have received sessions

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Grows up into an adult while still having memories from the womb,
In an environment where the original high level of spirituality cannot be used
Trauma from growing up.
Truly sustainable as a business owner
For business expansion and social contribution
A pure feeling towards

since i was a child
I have often faced ``loneliness''.
I felt this because I had a sensitive heart.
Big swings in your mind and discomfort.
Furthermore, my heart is greatly shaken by the ``suicide'' of a loved one,
With despair, I thought about my own mission in this world.
I started to worry.
At the beginning of a new era, we return to our origins,
I strongly desire to acquire a steadfast heart,
I was able to connect with Dr. Mayu.
It's only been a year since I had the session.
While staying close to me, I will teach you how to live your unwavering self (centered), the way of thinking you need to do that, and the mysteries of how difficult it is to live.
With the words of the soul and the sound of a healing harp,
What it gives me is the awareness that
Session (inner child therapy and
Healing Harp Music Therapy).
I also run a business,
"Love" and "economy" are contradictory things.
I have always felt somewhere in my heart that it would be difficult to balance both jobs.
However, that idea also
They were simply stuck in the framework of an old era,
As soon as you are freed from your preconceptions, your business will begin to turn into a virtuous cycle.
A brighter future forecast
I can now draw.
The first step towards being freed from the hardships of life.
Would you like to shine more like yourself?

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Depression that I have suffered from for many years (15 years)

I, who had given up on living after attempting suicide, realized the importance of living as myself and the struggles I had to live.

Repeatedly, I finally achieved my own self-centeredness.

Thoughts on returning to society and contributing to society,

From now on, I will become even more unwavering in my own self-centeredness.

to growthPassionate feelings.

After I received Dr. Mayu's session,

Three years have passed.

Suffered from depression for over 10 years and even committed suicide

ArrivedThere is a history.

During that time, my wife asked me to go to counseling.

go togetherI started going there.

With the consent of psychiatrists, industrial physicians, etc., Dr. Mayu's unique

We have received a lot of support.

For example, prioritize the problem solving you need right now.

You are unraveling the details.

He also pours out unconditional love so that we can remove our past trauma and change our thinking from focusing on others to focusing on ourselves.

Currently, I am working with Mr. Mayu to convey the message in a way that will reach various people.

I am learning the HOW TO of verbalization.

By putting this into practice, you will be able to improve your skills at home and at work.

Many successful experiences have increased

A brighter life than you've ever experienced beforeI am starting to walk.

Everyone, please try Dr. Mayu's inner child therapy.

healingThrough harp music therapy

Would you like to live happily together while adapting to the new era?

I made a video of my progress so far.

Please take a look at it for reference.

I would appreciate it if you could share something with me.

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She has been suffering from intractable kidney disease, eye and gynecological diseases for many years, and has tried all kinds of treatments.I came across Mr. Mayu's session,

inner child trauma

by taking

Finally, we can understand the cause of the disease

I was able to face it.

I am realizing the importance and happiness of living as my true self when my ``body, mind, and soul'' are in good condition.

It has been four years since we started our sessions,

with mayu senseiEncounters change my life

I decided to make a big change.

I have been suffering from an incurable kidney disease for 24 years.

She also has eye and gynecological problems.

Half my life has been devoted to curing illness.

I have tried all kinds of treatments, but

I think it's quiteI couldn't get any results.  

My first session with mayu sensei

Face your inner child

Let go of the trauma that you have unconsciously created one after another.

It is because my golden, unwavering self-centeredness has grown.

We are beginning to understand the cause of my long-standing illness.

 Then, “body, mind, and soul” are all in order.

So that you can be yourself and live happily every day, full of hope.

Now, I can shine in my own way.

I'm looking forward to moving on with my life.

 Now I live a completely different life than I did 4 years ago!

 I want everyone to learn how to live in a way that keeps their body, mind, and soul in order, and to live as they are.

I would like you to try it out.

Always be kind to me

He will give you the support you need at that time with unconditional love.

I am truly grateful to Dr. Mayu.

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Due to severe trauma caused by the parent-child relationship during childhood, he is unable to make himself happy.
Love addiction, intense destruction and regeneration, and overeating and vomiting.
The result of letting go of trauma little by little
Parent-child relationships are better than before
​Seize the happiness of marriage
Evolving from focusing on others to focusing on oneself.

It has been about a year and a half since I took Mayu Sensei's sessions.

There are so many things in life that I wonder what happiness is in my own way.

I didn't understand.

I felt like I was trying not to make myself happy.

For example, that feeling is to avoid worrying those around you.

I act energetically by portraying myself as the person around me that others want me to be,

I want to achieve my own happiness on my own terms.

There are times when I sincerely wish

There are many opportunities for the axis of self and the axis of others to intersect.

I have been repeatedly binge eating and vomiting.

Also, in love, it is difficult to express one's true self.

I can't meet someone who understands me

Even though I dream of a happy family life, I wonder if it would be better to give up.

There were many questions I asked myself.

Meanwhile, I honestly can't give up on happiness.

Because I was there,Inevitably, Mayu Sensei's session

I have arrived.

The real me that I didn't even realize

Learn how you feel during each session,

And let go of the trauma I was holding

Life is becoming easier and easier.

For example, the parent-child relationship is more true to itself than before.

Things are getting better as opportunities increase.

Not only that, but I also met a wonderful man.

With the blessing of my parents, I got married.

I am also still growing while developing my own core.

Now, ``I can't be happy''and

This will serve as an opportunity for those who are thinking and worrying alone.

I would be very happy if it became a video.

It's encouraging.

I want to be able to enjoy my life together.

Please look forward to my future videos.

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I didn't know my father's love, and there were many things that happened.
(business failure, financial hardship, husband's illness)
For decades, I didn't realize it was self-sacrifice,
While living based on others,
Letting go of trauma and discovering the real me
As we learn more about how truly sustainable
Creating an environment where humans and animals can coexist with spirit
I realized that I also wanted to cooperate, and for that purpose
Utilize your painful experiences to help various people,
A cycle of true love and economy
A desire to deepen.

I never thought the day would come when I could live this much like myself.
I really didn't think so.
About three years ago, due to the bankruptcy of the family business,
Thinking ahead mentally and financially
I can't help but feel anxious and anxious, and my husband is also suffering from an illness, so I pretend to be healthy so as not to worry those around me.
I feel like I'm always being chased by something
It was very difficult to live.
The self-sacrificing mindset that has been with me for many years since childhood
I was too established and often found myself in vain no matter how hard I tried, but as I changed into someone who could solve fundamental problems,
I started to be able to live my own life,
Get rid of negative attachment to money,
Compared to 3 years ago, money and time,
A surprising amount of leeway is created in human relationships,
I'm really surprised.
Now I myself
Being able to circulate economy and love
I feel that this is especially necessary in this new era.
To all of you who are watching the video, even if you are in a situation where everything is blocked, Dr. Mayu's inner child therapy and
healing harp music therapy
By continuing even at a slow pace,
Even though you can't do it, I hope you don't give up on what you can do.
I sincerely hope so.
I hope you can look forward to further changes from me in the future.

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Living a stress-free life

I thought so, butFor inner child therapy

meetBy learning that there is trauma due to parent-child relationships.Also for my mother and wife

I strongly wish to let go

The effects of healing harp music therapy

Realize,Development and improvement as a therapist,

Experience the cycle of love and economy.

About three and a half years ago,At that time, I was doing well both physically and mentally, and at work.

There's no stressThat's what I thought.

My wife was having a session,

I became interested because you shared the content,

I decided to try the session as well.

From Mayu-sensei's careful explanation of my current situation,


crying inner childI came to know

In addition, the effects of the healing harp can be applied more deeply to the mind and body.

And by “experiencing” it little by little,

What I thought was normal may be due to my past experiences.I realized that it was very restrictive, and it was new to me.I feel like I have a field of vision

It turned into a feeling.

The current situation continues to change.

My self-centeredness grows little by little, and I try to disguise my suffering.

Are cryingignoring your inner child

It's getting less and less.

Even as I look at myself,

Mayu-sensei, let me learn from you.I often receive

Freed from my past common sense as a therapist,

Every day I have an experience that feels like I am being reborn.

I would like people who think they have no particular problems, like I did three and a half years ago, to have a session.

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In the wake of late stage 4 breast cancer
I was able to face my true self in earnest.
Thank you. While overcoming breast cancer,
Through my business in my own unique way
Trying to contribute to society.

 After being diagnosed with stage 4 breast cancer

mayu teacher slowly,

at my paceWe had a session.

Hospital treatment, medicine, and

against mental breakdownAgainst the decline,

Healing harp music therapy

to meWhile you arrange it accordingly.

I was able to spend every day there.

Also, it's easy to say in words, but

By relaxing your body, your sensory abilities will increase.

I was able to gain self-confidence even at my lowest point.

Thank you for the past three years.

We look forward to supporting your future endeavors.

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Trauma and migraine caused by parent-child issues in childhood due to high spirituality.
While overcoming childhood nephrosis, HSP, and self-sacrifice,
My sincere desire to utilize my experience to create a truly sustainable society.

When I encountered Mayu Sensei's session four years ago,

I was extremely troubled by migraine headaches that I had had for almost 40 years.including hospitals

I was also working hard to improve in various ways.

The current situation remained unimproved.

The session started with such doubts.

Dr. Mayu's inner child therapy

healing harpBy continuing music therapy

Not only did my migraines improve;

I realized that I want to live my life more brightly in my own way.

Even now, while cultivating an unwavering self-centeredness,

I want to be able to live like my true self.“How to use your brain and mind”

I am currently wearing it.

Are you living your life in your own way?

Are you enjoying the life you have now?

I would be happy if my video gave you some hints.

Please look forward to my wonderful changes in the future.

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While supporting my family's sudden sudden onset of a serious illness, I also overcome the trauma of parent-child issues due to my pure and sensitive nature (HSP), and I have been able to realize my true, beautiful self.
Experience the joy of knowing more,
My outlook on life is changing in a positive way.
Having hope while making use of past experience,
Actively preparing to contribute to society.


My family got sick 4 years ago.

This led me to Mayu Sensei's session.

I started receiving it.

Through repeated sessions with Mayu Sensei,

The root of the problem is not in the family.

I realized that I wasn't living my life as myself.

Customized inner child therapy and

healingharp music therapy session

By continuing to accept it carefully, I will regain myself.

I can now enjoy every day.

We are entering a new era of even more changes and transformations.

So that you can learn and enjoy a wide range of activities in your own way.

I want to become like that.

In this video, I will share my impressions after the session.

How am I changing?

Feel your own growthin my own words

I'm talking about it, so please take a look.

There is something that touches your heart through my videos.

I would be very happy if this could give you some hints to live your own life.

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The deep relationship between childhood problems with one's mother and illness.
Ayako looks back on the past two and a half years
​The life that was decided by my mother
For the first time, we faced each other seriously,
To live as one's true self
The difference in my life since I made the decision.
I finally started to regain my true self,
While treating mental illness and cancer,
Finally solving the fundamental problem of the disease
I was able to move forward.
Cherish the life you are living, have dreams and hopes,
Create happiness in your own way
Now I feel like I want to live.

About 4 years ago, at my mother's recommendation, I started taking sessions with Dr. Mayu, and within 6 months,

Also on my mother's advice

I decided to stop the session for now.

At that time, I believed that what my mother said was everything.

Anything I can't decide on my own, I ask my mother,

I have lived here for about 40 years.

Due to such a distorted parent-child relationship

having mental instability

Although it was said in the session at that time,

It didn't resonate with me at all at that time,

I listened to my mother and stopped the sessions, but about a year and a half later, I...

Malignant lymphoma Hodgkin lymphoma stage 4

It was.

From there, we had another session with Mayu Sensei.

It's been two and a half years since I decided to accept it.
For the past two and a half years, my attending physician for cancer and my attending physician for mental illness,

To the surprise of those around me,

The progression of cancer is slow, and you are healthy and mentally healthy.

I was able to spend a stable time,
Mayu Sensei's healing harp music therapy

Activate somatid,
Letting go of past trauma with inner child therapy

As you grow on your own, things you can't do little by little

I think it's because I've become able to do it.

I didn't understand myself for a long time,

Self-confidence is also low,Too much in tune with the surroundings,

what are you living forTo me who didn't understand,
mayu sensei is the original
Support to live independently

everytimePlease approach me carefully,
My disease [malignant lymphoma Hodgkin lymphoma stage 4]

specific phobia, dissociative disorder, attachment disorder,

For patients with complex trauma disorder who are currently hospitalized,

I started thinking about facing things positively,

Little by little, I started to be able to make my own decisions.

Thanks to mayu sensei's session.

solve the problem from the root

I want to live as myself no matter the situation

strongly desireTowardsRecommended

I think this is a unique session.

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