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the rising inside of me

wave of light "mayu"

Eternal harmony born from the harp

May nature be there in abundance

Let nature surround you

Playing with the fluctuations of nature

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​Mayu's career

history of mayu

created by me

With sounds, songs, and space and time

Bring fulfillment and happiness to your daily life

I hope more people can feel it


Born in Ashiya City, Hyogo Prefecture.

Kobe Women's SchoolInfirmaryUniversity Faculty of Music MusicGraduated with a major in harp.

He began playing the piano and composition at the age of 4, the lever harp at the age of 10, and the grand harp at the age of 12, studying under internationally active masters such as the late Mitsuji Amada, the late Sachiko Ameda, the late Joseph Molnard, and Eiko Makui. To date, he has collaborated with artists such as singers and dancers, and performed many concerts in a variety of places, including picture book concerts, music funerals, votive performances, medical sites, and farms. In addition to his activities as an artist, he has also provided music therapy using the harp, inner child care, and promotional performances for companies.

From 2022, he will shift to full-fledged activities as a solo artist, and is planning to produce his third album and perform at various locations.

The DMM Online Salon, which is currently open, features many improvised songs composed and performed based on situations and themes requested by members.




CD information

About CDs

Wave Co[rr/ll]ection vol.2

Moisture for the body, mind, and time

~A world of beautiful harp melodies that transcends classical music and time~

On sale from May 3rd at Amazon and other CD shops nationwide!

the colors of sky and water
forest dawning
Wave Co[rr/ll]ection

world's first! CD for wave adjustment

Currently sold out, we are preparing to reissue it at customer request​. Please wait for a while

01.Sweet Shining 穏やかな輝き ショート
02.Quiet Hour 穏やかな時間.ショート

​Youtube Channel

About Youtube channel

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These are messages of support from those who support and support mayu's activities.

People who support mayu

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Mayu's gift

mayu presents many sonic gifts to listeners.

We perform in response to a variety of requests from individuals to companies, including online salons for fans, as well as composing and performing original songs in response to requests.

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The world's one and only "original gift of sound" presented by mayu


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Contact us

For concert collaborations, media and lecture appearances, requests for interviews, composition, lyrics, etc., please use the button below.

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