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Artist mayu


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I raise the center of gravity to an artist activity using a wide performance technology and expression method while handing down the way of the original harp (harp) and start the release of the 2nd album and the production of the 3rd album in 2023 and I plan more performances and am participating now.




Born in Ashiya City, Hyogo Prefecture. Started playing piano at age 4, Irish harp at age 10, and grand harp at age 12.

Graduated from Kobe Jogakuin University, Faculty of Music, Department of Music, majoring in Harp.

Studied under the late Koji Amada, the late Sachiko Ameda, the late Joseph Molnar, and Eiko Masui.

Utilizing his liberal arts education, he is active in a wide range of activities as a harp player and artist.

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mayu's history


About mayu's Sound

Mayu has been sensitive to the emotional vibrations of adults since she was young, and by meeting a number of world-famous harpist mentors who understand the essential energy of music, she has further developed her talent and developed her own harp playing skills. Through the sound of , we have taken steps toward creating a peaceful and loving society.

This unique sound in the world, which plays the fluctuations of nature, opens the hearts of those who listen to it, providing fundamental healing that goes beyond a simple state of relaxation and replenishing the vitality to live tomorrow.

Her tones have helped many people evolve their consciousness and live a positive and happy life, including those who seek true beauty created by physical and mental health, and those who aim to succeed in work based on their own mission.


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Its effects have been scientifically proven


This is an explanatory diagram of the before and after brain wave measurements of those who listened to wave corrllection's first album. Before and after listening to a performance, the brain changes significantly from a tense state to a relaxed state, as shown on the left.

The results of this experiment and the effects of mayu's sound are summarized below.We have had many success stories of introducing our products in the relaxation rooms of hospitals, facilities, hotels, etc., where we have experienced its effects, for purposes such as music therapy and wave adjustment.


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Features of mayu harp

1.Adjust the waves

It instantly senses the brain wave state that people, animals, and the environment need at that time and guides them naturally. It produces a beautiful sound that finely adjusts the waves to theta waves or alpha waves.

2.Activate somatids

Somatids are microscopic living organisms that support life and have been attracting attention in recent years. And it is known that 432Hz activates the somatids. However, mayu's harp performance can activate the somatid even if it is not in this frequency range. This is because mayu's harp performance adjusts the brain waves of the listener to theta and alpha waves as necessary.

3. Adjust autonomic nerves

The autonomic nervous system continues to work 24 hours a day to maintain the body's functions regardless of our will. In addition to regulating body temperature, the autonomic nervous system also sends commands to the heart and stomach to make them function, and allows us to breathe during sleep without being conscious of it. In other words, the autonomic nervous system is an important function that is essential for maintaining life. Mayu's harp performance also works on the autonomic nervous system, bringing harmony to the mind and body.

*Theta wave: 4-7Hz

Improve your concentration,Brain waves related to the mental state that allows you to work efficiently. It is said to be related to memory, inspiration, and creativity. By consciously creating a theta wave state, you will increase your work efficiency and gain a sense of mental stability.

*Alpha waves: 8-13Hz

Relax both body and mindBrain waves that appear when you're laughing. By being able to consciously create this state, you can not only free yourself from everyday stress, but also improve the quality of your sleep. You will have more leeway in your daily life.


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Effects you can expect from listening to mayu’s sound

・Motivation increases

- Surrounded by an infinite sense of deep security

・Increased self-confidence

・Feel the joy of turning something you can't do into something you can do

・Become strong in the actual performance and be able to demonstrate your abilities

・You will be able to think and act by switching from focusing on others to focusing on yourself.

・You can solve problems quickly by strengthening your mental strength

・Develop an honest and gentle heart (toward children)

-Have a deep sense of gratitude towards yourself and others

・Autonomic nervous system becomes better

・Activates somatids and increases vitality

- Your vibration will rise and you will be able to attract good things and become a person who can improve your luck.

・Has a purifying effect that refreshes the mind and body

・Even when you are forced into a difficult situation, you can create a neutral state and quickly get out of the difficult situation by thinking positively about the problem.


How to watch mayu’s sound

In addition to her live shows, CDs, and the official YouTube channel, her sound can be found at the ``Wave of Light Online Salon'' where you can watch mayu's performance songs for each situation or theme, ``Personal Songs'' that mayu composes just for the customer, You can experience the music therapy "Inner Child Session" through one-on-one improvisational music that adjusts the vibrations of the person.


Sales CD introduction

Have you ever had the experience of being enveloped in the time and space of truly beautiful sounds? We compose and perform improvised songs using the fluctuations of nature to reach the bodies, minds, and souls of various people in a richly colored manner.

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It is sold at Amazon, other online shops such as Tower Records, HMV, Disc Union, and CD shops nationwide. You can also purchase directly from wave of light, so please feel free to contact us.

the rising inside of me mayu
00:00 / 00:48
the colors of sky and watermayu
00:00 / 00:52
『aqua』Wave Co[rr/ll]ection vol.2

mayu 2nd album

A world of beautiful harp melodies that transcends classical music and time.

body) Moisture for the soul, Moisture for the heart, Moisture for time

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01.Sweet Shiningmayu
00:00 / 01:04
02.Quiet Hour 静かな時間mayu
00:00 / 01:04
Wave Co[rr/ll]ection

world's first! CD for wave adjustment

Currently sold out, we are preparing to reissue it at customer request​. Please wait for a while

art work


In addition to his musical activities, mayu also does artwork such as painting and drawing. Here we will introduce some of the works.


Contact us

For concert collaborations, media and lecture appearances, requests for interviews, composition, lyrics, etc., please use the button below.

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