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Mr. Mayu will be able to meet your expectations.
Improvised live performance by category
Each one in high resolution
We are recording, so
Looking forward to it for a while
Please wait

Boasts an amazing number of repeat customers
mayu sensei's long-awaited
Online salon is finally starting! !

wave of light online salon 

Why don't we add moisture and power to life
with mayu's special healing harp?

Why not start your music career with mayu's healing harp! ?

Why not check your current status yourself?

suits youhealing harp

Let's incorporate music therapy into your life! !

□When I went to the hospital, I was told that nothing was wrong, but I didn't feel well.

□More and more times I can't control my emotions

□People often lack self-esteem, and self-esteem tends to decline

□ Strong feeling of loneliness

□I feel like people are saying bad things about me.

□I am often unable to express my opinion because I am afraid of the other person's reaction, and my heart trembles.

□ I often act based on others, worrying about what others think of me.

□I feel depressed more often because I feel like it's too much of a hassle.

□ I have a strong desire to be recognized.

□ I often distract myself by playing games etc.

□You can only find happiness by comparing yourself with other people.

□I get very tired when I go to crowded places.

□When you are in a situation that you are not good at, you are afraid of being judged by others,Unconsciously what is not even in my mind

often says

□I stutter in front of people

□It is difficult for me to believe that I can be happy.
I often have headaches, dizziness, and ringing in my ears, but it does not improve even with treatment.

□Feeling pressure or pain in your chest

□Intestinal environment is not well-organized and constipation or diarrhea occurs easily or repeatedly.

□My whole body feels tired

□I feel sick to my stomach, I have no appetite, I feel heartburn or nausea.

□Stiff shoulders and lower back pain do not go away

□It's hard to wake up in the morning

□I can't get rid of fatigue no matter how much I sleep

□I feel uncomfortable in my throat

□I feel restless and often irritated.

□ Difficulty concentrating

□I feel like I’ve gotten older lately.
□I often feel unwell when the seasons change
□Difficulty regulating body temperature
□I don't really know how to relieve stress
□Skin has poor luster and lacks moisture, often feels dry and swells easily
□When I imagine the future, I find myself thinking things in a bad way more often.

□The amount of alcohol and cigarettes I drink has increased recently, and the difference between when I have an appetite and when I don't has a big difference.
□My days are too busy and I feel like I'm being chased by things.

□There is no one around who you can open your heart to and connect with your true self, and you become a hikikomori.the law of natureTachi

It has become
□ I worry about what others will say and blame myself too much

□I feel like my immune system has decreased recently.

□I often end up buying things I don't want to buy.

□There are many days when I can't get good quality sleep.


If you answered 5 or more correctly ✨

Why not try Dr. Mayu's healing harp music therapy? ✨
If you have tried various things without getting any results, please feel free to use our services 24 hours a day whenever you feel like it.

It's great that you can incorporate it into your life on an ongoing basis. ✨✨✨
There are many people who are getting better results than they expected.
I hope that you will be expected of yourself
Join us at our online salon! !

① If there is no rehearsal and you do not have the sheet music at hand, create the situation on the spot.
in one take, depending on the customer's request or request.
A unique and wonderful performance technique that improvises and completes a piece of music.
It's a technique. Have you ever heard such a performance?
This technology can be used to produce CDs, online salons, concerts, etc.
We are doing

② Even if you don't have the habit of listening to music on a daily basis, you can listen to the sound of a river or the chirping of birds.
The sounds of nature, like the sound of a gentle breeze and the gentle falling rain, are soothing.
You feel that, right?
The gentle sounds of nature harmonize with the surroundings and have a fundamental effect on humans, animals, and plants.
Brings healing. Mayu's tone is reminiscent of the beauty of nature.
A pure tone with a thin and transparent feel.

③ Keep your brain in theta waves without subjectivity and care for the cells of all living things
Real music that activates the somatids and adjusts the vibrations at the same time.
Because we have therapy skills, we also provide mental and physical treatment.
We have received many positive reviews regarding its effectiveness.

Features of Mayu Sensei's healing harp

Healing Harp's music therapy specializes in care at the cellular level.
We support fundamental problem solving for all living things.

What is wave of light's online salon?

Monthly fee: 3,800 yen

The main focus is on healing harp music therapy, which has been requested by many customers.
We have decided to start an online salon.
There is a lot of healing music in the world,
Not only is it comfortable, but I hope you read everyone's comments.
As you may have guessed, Mayu sensei's unique healing harp is
The before and after of those who have been receiving it continuously are:
For those who have never experienced it, this is true! ? and
It also includes content that may surprise you.
You can actually use Healing Harp music therapy in a way that suits you.
You will only be convinced once you experience it for yourself.

This is your chance to experience the real effects!

Up until now, Mayu-sensei has performed on the spot over the phone.
Due to the large number of repeat customers, we are flooded with reservations.
In many cases, you will have to wait several months.
We apologize for the inconvenience.
Incorporating the voices of many repeat customers
We have decided to start an online salon that will make everyone happy.

When you become a member of the online salon,
There are many benefits, so please look forward to it.

Perfect fit for you, no matter when or where you are.
Incorporating healing harp music therapy,
I hope that you will be blessed with various successful experiences and wonderful encounters.
As wave of light continues to evolve, the number of songs for the situations customers want,
The total performance time will be increased each time,
We will also have many events, so please look forward to them.


wave of light online salon 

You can experience your favorite songs unlimitedly.


Healing harp and picture book concert

Online Healing Harp Concert

​Collaborative concerts, etc.

​Healing harp and meditation

Healing Heart Lunch Time exclusive to salon members,
Dinner time concert (meal or tea included)

Exclusive to online salon members
About premium projects and events

We will be preparing content like this, so please look forward to it.
For more information, please visit the online salon.

Limited time premium delivery with seasonal healing harp


Online debate (providing a place for people to communicate online based on themes)

Stage up courseOnly those who are in
Priority reservations for concert tickets are available

By seasonal healing harp
About limited time premium distribution
Let me introduce you a little bit♪

Seasons have a big impact on people.
For example, in the spring, it helps alleviate hay fever, and for adults and children alike to transfer or go to higher education.
Relieving tension and anxiety due to changes in the environment, remote work, etc.
Stressful you are surrounded by cherry blossoms in full bloom,
Premium food tailored to the season, such as relaxing the brain.
Healing harp music at special prices
Limited delivery service every 3 months.

Just as the seasons change from spring colors to summer colors,
When the special spring songs are replaced with summer songs,
Since you won't be able to listen to spring songs in summer,
Look forward to the special healing harp music only available during the summer.
Please do it ♪Healing harp for spring, summer, autumn and winter
Only online salon members can use music therapy in various versions according to their current needs.
Please look forward to it.



We use the following wonderful recording equipment selected by Saburo Ikugata for the online salon.

Microphones: SCHOEPS Stereo Set MK 4, MXL CR89,
        audio technica PRO70 

Mixer, Recorder:ZOOM L-12
Monitoring Headphones: AKG K371, SHURE SE215CLA


​ Wonderful instruments such as harps
I'm using

Screenshot 2022-01-31 22.48.05.png

Concert collaborations, media and lecture appearances,For requests for interviews, music composition, lyrics, etc.hereThank you for your understanding.

Purpose of online salon

Inner child therapy requires conversation, right?
For healing harp music therapy,
Wave adjustment that fundamentally heals without direct communication
Listen to music unique to the wonderful Mayu teacher, wherever you are, and at any time you like.
Not only can you experience it, but it is also divided into categories according to purpose.
Enjoy learning with high quality sound that turns your place into a concert venue.
This is a high-quality membership-based wave of light online salon.

Many of the people participating in Wave of Light are in a new era of many changes and transformations.
With real people who live full of light and love = true sustainable people.
Because we seek connections, information, relationships of trust, new developments, and the continuation of these things,
I feel isolated and have no place to express my true self,
Most of the people were in trouble.

How to meet the wave of light and make your dreams and hopes come true independently and proactively
This can be learned through Dr. Mayu's inner child therapy or healing harp music therapy.
Furthermore, they are able to enjoy a high quality of life and constant happiness.

Responding to everyone's wishes and aiming for those who think with high quality
I mainly used Mayu Sensei's healing harp.
We have created an online salon that is a place for high-quality community.
Because there are many high-quality thoughts, the community will not become a hot topic.
Please feel free to participate.
Wave of Light's online salon is created by everyone, so
I would like to request a project for 〇〇, I would like to have a concert in a local area,
I would like to collaborate with 〇〇 artists, etc.

Please proactively suggest plans that reflect your dreams.
Creating a truly sustainable environment that is easy for newcomers to participate
We are preparing, so please feel free to join us.
Speaking of healing harp music therapy,
It is often thought that only people with emotional or physical problems are eligible, but
Healing harp music therapy unique to Dr. Mayu of Wave of Light,
Regardless of age, gender, or nationality, people with dreams for business or private life gather and interact.

Using special music, sensibilities, and philosophy that create new value,
This is the one and only online salon that will enrich your life in a new era.
In the future, there will be many events not only throughout Japan but also overseas.
We will engage in truly sustainable activities.
Please look forward to it.

Regarding online salon membership fees,
A portion of the donation will be used as support funds (support for welfare facilities, animal protection activities, etc.).


Healing Harp's music therapy specializes in care at the cellular level and supports fundamental problem solving for all living things.

We would like to introduce some of the contents of the online salon.
Please make yourself useful.

ability to concentrate on various tasks,
Increase efficiency,
Relax your brain and unleash your subconscious abilities

Activate somatid with 432Hz (scientifically proven frequency) etc.
on the healing harp
Cell-level care and
enrich your daily life


desk work

While deadlines are set for general office work (accounting, IT-related, legal, editing), etc., you can relax your mind, concentrate, improve your judgment skills, improve work efficiency without making mistakes, and work while eliminating frustration.

medical related

Helping people who work in various hospitals and facilities recover from insomnia and fatigue due to irregular work, concentrate after relieving tension, and create a space suitable for each person in waiting rooms and examination rooms.


Creating a space that gives customers a sense of security and allows workplace staff to feel comfortable providing services.
Increasing the customer's desire to purchase and increasing the sales of the person providing the service.

Entertainment creators/expressors (artists such as actors, musicians, models, etc.)

Give your customers the gift of emotion that touches their souls with the best performance during the actual performance.

Sports related

You can relax and train effectively. Improves concentration and motivation in matches. Maintaining a finely honed mind and the ability to overcome oneself

​General housework

Balance daily shopping, laundry, cooking, cleaning, etc.efficientlyshort timeAble to concentrate and act in a well-balanced manner


Improve your study concentration,Support for studying for exams, etc.

​​Relax your brain


Mibyo measures

It is easy for anyone to be in a state where they are moving away from a healthy state even though they have not developed a disease, and we provide support to free them from a pre-sick state whether or not they have any symptoms.

For those undergoing treatment

For those who are caring for a family member or someone close to them

​ Supporting the recovery of your precious family animals while alleviating illness and disharmony

For those who grow farms and plants

To relieve the sleep deprivation caused by childcare and to have a peaceful time with your beloved child.

Alleviation of stress caused by poor human relationships and freedom from self-blame

When something bad happened and you can't calm down

Relieve pain, fear and anxiety, nausea, etc.

​Relief of mental and physical fatigue

By activating the somatids of farmland and plants, they grow abundantly and support natural farms, etc.

Gradually relieves mild fatigue felt in daily life

reset your brain

​When your head is cluttered and you can't organize it

Producing a space that will make you feel like you are in a nice cafe at a travel destination or a place where you can relax.

Relieve the stressful situation where you feel overwhelmed by the pile-up of tasks that need to be done in front of you.

We have received your feedback on the healing harp.

For about 10 years, I had been using introductory drugs to control my sleep, but my insomnia could not be improved, so I had been going to the hospital, but I found out about Dr. Mayu through my doctor's introduction, and I tried the healing harp three times. However, my family and I have been surprised to see more and more opportunities to get a good night's sleep without taking medication! I haven't received any help from the sessions, but I continue to receive healing harp music therapy for about 10 minutes twice a month, and my symptoms are steadily improving. From now on, I'm looking forward to being able to listen to it anytime at the online salon, which will make it easier for my family to experience it together. Recommended for those who work or do housework during irregular hours.Mr. J.Y (Nurse/40s)

Active until a few years ago
He continued to be a soccer player.As age increasesThere were many injuries and he was hospitalized.Incorporated various rehabilitation and chiropractic treatments and unique training.However, when I thought about my age and supporters, I started to get nervous, and I didn't want to go back to the old days.I had a conflict of not being able to play ideally, I felt like I was always on edge, I couldn't perform at my best on the day of the match, and when I started having depressive symptoms, I discovered the Healing Harp and it helped me maintain my mental balance. I just became able to maintainNot as a player, but in his private life as well.However, by changing my mindset to the idea that I should just do my best,I was able to spend more fulfilling days than before. For people like me who are currently worried about injuries and maintaining their mental balance,Don't give upPlease try this therapy, I would like to see a breakthrough from the current situation.Mr. U (Former soccer player/30s) 

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