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​Trial session, regular session, special session,
Regarding cancellation of follow-up healing

If you wish to cancel a trial session, regular session or special session.Please let us know by email three days in advance during business hours (10:00-19:00).

A 10% handling fee will be charged for payments made through stores.

We will refund 10% of the session fee and the amount minus the transfer fee.

A 100% cancellation fee will be charged if canceled 2 days in advance.Please contact us if you have special circumstances.​DingWe will respond promptly.Follow-up healing is for those who have received the session​This is healing for.Regarding cancellation of follow-up healingUnlike a session, this is healing that can be received in any situation.Basically, we do not accept changes or cancellations to the date and time.

If changes are unavoidably necessary due to special circumstances such as social conditions or disasters,If you contact us, we will respond flexibly.

The new era has many changes and transformations, and sudden and surprising events.

It's no wonder that incredible things happen.

Even in times like these, Dr. Mayu will be by your side and carefully provide you with the inner child therapy you need right now.

With healing harp music therapy, you can better improve your situation.

We have a lot of trust and trust because of your support.

That's why we have received the deep support of 35,000 people.

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