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About cancellation of stage up course(Beginners course, Basic course, Advanced course)

If an unimaginable sudden event occurs due to change, please let us know the circumstances and we will carefully work with you to ensure that you can continue the various courses that you have applied for, according to your circumstances and pace. I shall go.

If you utilize 97% of your subconscious mind to reflect on the worries and ways of thinking in the new era, you will definitely be able to overcome any obstacles that may arise, so let's overcome them together.

We do not have a refund policy, but we offer three types of courses depending on the customer's various circumstances, and we will consult with you in detail each time to create a customized course plan, such as short-term to long-term courses, temporary suspension, etc. Please rest assured that we will proceed.

Regarding follow-up healing, please be aware that in principle we cannot accept changes or cancellations of the date and time.

However, if changes are unavoidably necessary due to special circumstances such as social conditions or disasters, we will respond flexibly if you consult with us.

If you are sick or feel very tired, we often allow you to receive a session over the phone in your hospital room or while lying down in a comfortable position.

Some people are able to receive treatment while they are at work, in their car, or while returning home.

Dr. Mayu is very flexible in responding to people who want to receive sessions in various situations and locations, so please feel free to apply for a session.

We will call you back as many times as you like, even if the signal is poor.

There are many changes and transformations in the new era, and it is no wonder that surprising and unbelievable events suddenly occur.

Even in times like these, Dr. Mayu will be by your side and carefully support you to improve your current situation through inner child therapy and healing harp music therapy, which is why you can trust us. I have a lot of trust. That's why we have received the deep support of 35,000 people.

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