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mayu 2n.d.album


Wave Co[rr/ll]ection vol.2

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Sales start from May 3rd✨

~Classic and timeless
A world of melodies created by a beautiful harp

Moisture to the body

Moisture for the heart

Moisture for time

Colorful bodies of various people according to theme,

spirit,to reach the soul
I am improvising compositions and performances using the fluctuations of nature.

second album『aqua』
Wave Co[rr/ll]ection
Sales price 3,850 yen (tax included)
wave of light wol-002




Others, Tower Records, HMV,
disc union etc.eachonline shop,
Or sold at CD shops nationwide

You can also purchase directly from wave of light.
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mayu 1st Concert


~A world of beautiful harp melodies that transcends classical music and time~

harp life

​Enveloped in the time and space of truly beautiful sounds
Have you ever experienced it?

World's first 🎉 artistmayuBy situation
We will deliver the wave adjustment harp music at DMM Online Salon ⭐️

⭐️wave of light online salon⭐️

Currently streaming on YouTube ⭐️

[Miracle Sound] “Oborozukiyo” arrangement ☆mayu✨
Just listening to it changes your brain waves
Harp performance that heals at the cellular level✨Introduction


Wave Co[rr/ll]ection


Into the listener's heart
Mayu's harp performance gives you a deep sense of freedom.
    It's just a state of relaxation.
   It gives you a more fundamental healing.
Comes with an explanation of brain wave measurement by an expert.
In addition, in this work
            Recorded at a powerful power spot
                        Mix nature sounds.
          Recorded by specialists who deliver sound
          Recording engineer Saburo Ikugata was in charge.
          Enjoy the ultimate world of healing.

CD recording equipment

world's first! CD for wave adjustment
Currently sold out

We are currently preparing to reissue the product at the customer's request.
​Please wait for a while

01.Sweet Shining 穏やかな輝き
02.Quiet Hour 静かな時間
03.Bright Feeling 明るい気持ち

Microphones: AKG C414B-ULS, SHURE KSM141, Original Microphone
Recorder: RME Fireface UCX, TASCAM DR-100mkIII
Monitoring Headphones: AKG K701, Etymotic Research ER-4SR

A fluctuating harp performance woven by the nature of mayu.
We have received messages regarding music therapy✨

✨Ayako's second appearance on YouTube
From Dr. K, a medical oncologist who is your cancer doctor.


[There are probably many types of music therapy, but the one that Ayako receives is
Dr. Mayu's healing harp music therapy and inner child therapy are
It is approached from both the mind and body, and seems to be effective. ]


Music therapy harp performance
That person's vibration (mental and physical state)
I'll play it as if I'll adjust it.
It is an improvisational performance tailored to the individual.
Before and after listening to the performance
As shown in the diagram on the right, the brain is in a state of tension.
greatly relaxed state
It's changing.


For those who listened to wave corrllection's first album.
This is an explanatory diagram of brain wave measurement by an expert before and after.

[The following is an example of a person who has continuously listened to Mayu's harp]

① Blame yourself for bad relationships,
Compensatory acts to escape reality
People who suffer repeatedly

Depressed mood is alleviated,
Increased motivation to live
Don't be swayed by others,
I was able to live my life the way I wanted.

②People who have a lot of work to do and have decreased efficiency and concentration

Perform efficient and high-quality work in a short time
I feel better now.

③Those who have experienced nausea or anxiety due to cancer treatment
His painful symptoms have eased and he is on his way to recovery.


​Other hospitals and facilities,
hotels etc.
relaxation room
as music therapy
It is used.


Born in Ashiya City, Hyogo Prefecture

Graduated from Kobe Jogakuin University, Faculty of Music, Department of Music, majoring in Harp.

I started playing piano and composing music at the age of 4, and started playing the lever harp and music at the age of 10.

Started playing the grand harp at the age of 12.

Studied under internationally active masters such as the late Mitsuji Amada, the late Sachiko Ameda, the late Joseph Molnard, and Eiko Makui, learning not only harp techniques but also how to be an artist.

At the age of 19, he began to seriously teach everything from harp to piano and voice to music theory.

Candle night concerts, harp accompaniment for singers of various genres

and singing lessons, picture book concerts, performances for animals and their owners, musical funerals, dedication performances,

A wide variety of applications including medical sites, nursing homes, nursing homes, farms, etc.

Accumulating concerts.

A collaboration between the harp and various artists such as yoga, contemporary dance, flower arranging, and theater.

We have also collaborated, appeared on radio programs and been interviewed by various media,

Recently, he has been actively engaged in social contribution activities in addition to performing for marketing purposes for various companies. At the start of his career, he also had experience as an announcer and personality at a radio station in Osaka, and also worked behind the scenes at concerts as an eventer/promoter.

While working extensively as an artist,

artIn addition to his wide-ranging activities as an artist, he also works in psychology,

He also deepened his knowledge of philosophy, quantum mechanics, being surrounded by nature

Harp music therapy using performance techniques that play with the fluctuations of nature.

We also provide inner child care.

Currently, while preserving the original harp,

Using a wide range of performance techniques and expression methods, we will increase the focus on artist activities,

In 2023, they will release their 2nd album and begin production of their 3rd album.

We plan and participate in more performances.




 You are not  alone. 
I am not alone.
We are not  alone.
We need to share information and networks,
especially in the new age
so that each of us can create a  truly sustainable society.

You are not alone
i'm not alone
we are not alone
The energy of your unique being
It is important for each person to share information with true sustainable consciousness.
very important in the new era



Photos, illustrations, designs, etc. that are not credited are mayu's own works.

For concert collaborations, media and lecture appearances, requests for interviews, composition, lyrics, etc., please contact us.hereThank you for your understanding.

Recommended by Yutaka Suzuki
Published in Audio Accessory issue 116
    Publisher: Ongen Publishing 

Screenshot 2021-09-04 1.06.39.png
Screenshot 2021-09-04 1.03.54.png

Wave Co[rr/ll]ection①
first album
We received your feedback.


Various media such as newspaper companies in Kansai
made by gathering
[Maidona News],
Published on Yahoo News, etc.


Kozue Noguchi and Leo
For a loving life
mayu harp
Effects etc. are spelled out.


              Ms. Kozue Noguchi


Mayu Sensei's harp tones can bring various effects to each occasion.

For example, if you are very tired from work and feel like your head is not getting enough oxygen,

It felt like it was slowly sinking directly into my brain,

Your head will become clearer and your concentration will return.

When I'm feeling well, I feel refreshed, like after visiting a shrine,

Sometimes I get images of cute fairies jumping around and having fun.

It makes you feel very calm.

What surprised me the most was the reaction of my cats.

I am volunteering to feed local cats.

I also volunteer to take in and look after a local cat who seems to be in poor health.

One of them suffered from epilepsy and suffered damage to his thoracic vertebrae due to dislocation of his sternum, probably due to hitting him during a seizure.

Inflammation then spreads and bone growth occurs.

I have a cat, Leo, who has spinal canal stenosis and is paralyzed from the waist down.

That was bad enough, but then I discovered a lump in my breast and suspected breast cancer.

I stay in Leo's room every day in the morning, evening, midnight, and when I express urine and change his diaper three times a day.

I'm letting you listen to Mayu Sensei's CD.

One day, the lump in my chest had gotten smaller.

After that, it became smaller and smaller until I couldn't even tell where it was.

Even the doctor in charge was surprised.

The inflammation has subsided to the point that it cannot be confirmed by palpation.There may be a lump,

It is said that it may not have been cancer to begin with.

It is not enough to require immediate surgery, but to be followed up.

I can now concentrate on treating epileptic seizures.

The epileptic seizures are idiopathic and have no particular cause.

Intractable disease that does not respond well to medicines

Moreover, they are called cluster seizures, meaning they occur two to three times a day.

My epilepsy is quite severe, but I changed my medication.

I also found supplements that seemed to be effective for epilepsy.

Now there are days when I don't have a seizure.

I think the main reason is Leo's positive attitude towards life,

The sound of Mayu Sensei's harp caused a nice coincidence.

I can't help but feel it.

Leo is a cat who has spent 13 years outside in a harsh environment.

From now on, I hope that you can spend the rest of your life in peace and peace.

My current goal with Leo is to get better and go for a walk where we used to be.

It's about reuniting with friends.

The two of us will do our best while listening to the harp to achieve this goal.

Leo 1.JPG
Leo 3.JPG
Leo 2.JPG

 We have received heartwarming feedback from many customers, and we carefully read each one. We receive a lot of support from our customers,
I feel happy. thank you very much.

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