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Thoughts on Wave Co[rr/ll]ection


CD recommendation: Naoko Chida 

I put it on my iPhone and played it while preparing breakfast.
I am adjusting my vibrations from the beginning of the day.A busy morning
Even when I was irritated with my son who didn't wake up easily,

When you listen to the glissando of the second song's quiet time,Quickly
I was able to cool down.
Healing harp music therapy
Rather than listening,
It feels like my body is bathed in sound energy,
Not only do you feel relaxed, but your body mysteriously relaxes,
It makes it easier to breathe and relieves stiff shoulders.
When I hear music, I have a habit of automatically playing do-re-mi in my head.
At first, I used my brain unnecessarily, but
As I listened to it over and over again, the tension in my head went away and I relaxed.
I have listened to a lot of healing music,
It's the first time I've felt relaxed inside my head.
Healing harp music therapy and inner child therapyIn a combined session,My migraine headaches, which have bothered me for almost 40 years, have almost stopped happening.
I was so anxious that I couldn't go out unless I had painkillers with me.
I was able to forget about medicine and feel free, which greatly improved my quality of life.
This CD and healing harp music therapy will help those who are suffering like me.
I hope that you will receive inner child therapy and be free and happy.


 Thoughts: “Listen with your heart” Ms. Yoko S.

It was last summer that I encountered the sound of the harp.
I suddenly lost my beloved partner to illness.
Her partner was a working guide dog.
It's an unending pain, and it's like my eyes have been taken away once again.
The sadness is so deep that I despair over a breakup that I am not prepared for.
I didn't meet anyone, I didn't talk to anyone, I just shut myself off.
I didn't feel any emotion as the summer was gaining momentum.
At that time, a friend of mine learned of his partner's death.With flowers full of gentle fragrance
Mayu's CD was sent to me.

The warm messages I received from friends made me look up at the summer sky for the first time in a while.Then I reached out my hand to my partner who was probably in the sky.
``I miss you...'' Tears overflowed and I couldn't stop them.
That night, I quietly put on Mayu's CD.
I am also hearing impaired.
It flows from the speaker without moving.
to the sound of a harp
Little by little, I will turn my heart away.
Casually and casually, morning and evening, as if connecting the time that had been stopped
I keep playing the CD, and in the middle of the night when I can't sleep, my body sinks into bed.
Try taking a deep breath.

The gentle tone of the harp wraps around my bleeding heart
It seemed to seep in little by little.
The sound of Mayu's harp fills the room.
I realized that the vibrations were resonating pleasantly.
Before you know it, this tone has become integrated into your daily life.
My cracked heart shatters like glass,
The sharp end is created by the tone of the harp.
It's gradually becoming more rounded.  
The sadness of what has been lost is accompanied by a feeling of loneliness.Although it follows me
I have more time to smile.

The tone of Mayu's harp
I feel something that awakens my soul.

A friend you can rely on during sleepless nights.
Tonight too, the sound of Mayu's harp is for tomorrow.
It will act as a bridge and lull you into a peaceful sleep.

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