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Wave Co[rr/ll]ection vol.2

your body, soul, and time

Flowing beyond the contemporary,
moving beyond time

mayu extemporarily creates kaleidoscopic melodies in sync with her chosen motifs and themes: reaching into the listener's body, spirit and soul. 

What is it that sets mayu apart as an artist? Why does her music resonate just so? 

Each time you listen to mayu's sound, you will find yourself delving deeper; 
as if deep sea, as if in a womb; you will feel the natural fluctuation of pink noise, of 1/f noise; the unconditional love in her melody shielding your inner light. 

mayu’s music is flush with high frequency notes that flow into melodies, chromatic harmonies that are reminiscent of our own heartbeats: of gurgling stream water,whispering wind and dancing sunlight; that then overlap into ever higher harmonics of over 15,000Hz. 

In this aspect, you could liken mayu's music to that of Mozart's; her uncanny ability to compose, and perform has beguiled even professionals; creating otherworldly experiences of space and time; surrounding the listener with the beauty of sound, its vibration mesmerizing in the sense of perfect refuge it gives; it is no wonder fellow musicians see true artistry in mayu. 


1【forest dawning】

       thinking of all living things 
       gratitude for its endless blessings 
       its blissful embrace

2【in the  pale moonlight】

      be freed of loneliness, of solitude; in the deep rest of moonlight
      shining softly, gently; in the quiet of the night sea

3【the colors of sky and water】

      seen from afar, the Earth shines blue: as mysterious and as deep
      as its vast history: the prismatic expressions of its countless
      living inhabitants: tremble with wonder at its past; the wondrous sound
      harbringing miracles to the future that spreads before us

4【may you continue to shine on】

       just as sound and sound find solace in each other’s presence, may all individuals
       find solace in the ever-fluctuating dance of the universe; each sparkling in their
       individuality, together

5【splendid be the leap in time】

      the journey through space and time is not always a joyful one;
      there will be times of sorrow and pain; ease your memories,
      however fleeting, in the music of 1/f fluctuation;
      step forward to a journey of healing in peace

6 [the rising inside of me]

        you are but a single wave amidst an ever changing ocean 
        your inner self shall shine ever more 
        may you create a wondrous world where your presence
        itself shall bring happiness to all living things


Harp Soloist/Performer Extempore/Composer/Arranger

mayu’s musical training in composition and performing
began at the age of 4 on the piano, segueing to the Lever Harp at 10;
the Pedal harp at 12; the piano, vocal training and theory at 19;
each new field bringing her into contact with world renown performers,
laying the foundation for her future career as a harp artist.
Her teachers include Eiko Masui; the late Koji Amada,Yukiko Amada and
Josef Molnar. Under their wings, mayu learned not of just musical technique,
but of how to seek her way as a true creator.

Having trained from childhood the art of extemporarily translating
the energies of her chosen motifs, mayu remains free of preconceptions and genres. Playing to the 1/f fluctuation of nature through the harp and piano, expressing herself through other mediums such as painting; mayu continues to expand her artistry with the release of her 2nd album in 2023, her 3rd album's release scheduled
in the near future.


feeling the vast bountifulness of the land,

of nature my fingers create,

play and paint with hope
hope, that you may feel yourtrue self
as gently as waves lapping

at the shore

The World of mayu's Music -Dr. Akira Kawashima

If asked of my thoughts on the supernatural,

I would answer that I don't deny its

existence, but also that I myself have no ability to confirm

its presence nor itsabsence.

So , when mayu began playing her harp, based on her perception of my energy, impromptu:

and memories of the happiest moments in my life began returning to me;

I was pleasantly bewildered.

Why was I so content in the lull of mayu's harp?

The secret lay in pink noise, also known as the 1/f noise.

If asked of my thoughts on the supernatural, I would answer that I don't deny its existence,

but also that I myself have no ability to confirm its presence nor its absence.

f stands for the fluctuation of energy a sound creates within 1 second. The reciprocal of f,

1/f stands for the time it takes for a fluctuation to run its course. For example,

if you were to sample various waves crashing on a beach,

the time each wave would take to swell and recede would differ.

The funny thing is, though, if you were to rearrange the differenting

1/f of said wav es in ascending order, you would find the power spectral density

(power per frequency interval) to create a clean 45 degree inverse proportion.

It is when a sound, a melody holds this characteristic, that the sound can be call ed pink noise, or

1/f noise. Such sounds can be restful to the ear, allowing you a sense of peacefulness

free of timelines and schedules.

Just as waves crashing on the same beach can have different power levels and times pans,

the heartbeat of the same person can differ from beat to beat,

regardless of the average frequency; let's say,

for example, that a person's heart averages 60 beats per minute.

A heartbeat could take 1.001 seconds, or 0.999 seconds to run its course.
For reasons unknown, the heartbeats will be slightly irregular, the frequency slightly fluctuating.

The same could be said for brain signals and other bio signals.
to 1/f noise and its fluctuation is known to increase alpha activity in t
he brain.
Alpha activity is often associated with deep levels of either relaxation or immersive concentration;

a guru in meditation would show high alpha oscillation.
Herein lies the reason that people find peace in nature and its endless offering o
f 1/f noise.
Herein lies the reason mayu's music lent me such tranquility.
Both prominent and controversial, sound and consumer activist Leonard G.

Horowitz mentions in "The Book of 528" the 'solfeggio frequencies' that are said to have positive effects on mind and body; among which 528hz has the ability to mend DNA even

when the deoxyribonucleic acidis fragmented beyond self-repair.
In my opinion, the experience of mayu's harp music transcends listening to

such single-note solfeggio frequencies.

A is labeled 'super-aged' when its proportion of citizens over the age 65 surpasses 20%.

Japan reached that stage in 2007; at a speed unrivaled by any other nation.

By 2060, over 40% of Japan's population is expected to be over 65.

With 'the age of the centenarians' fast approaching; super-aged societies need not only health care that cures; but health care that relieves and supports those in pain,

so that the suffering can lead their lives with purpose and fulfillment.

The integrative medicine I practice includes care that soothes and mitigations.
I have experienced firsthand that mayu's music has the power

to bring such relief and support to those in need.

As a doctor working in the field of integrative medicine,

I have high expectations of mayu;both as an artist and as a healer.

Dr. Akira Kawashima

Born in Tokyo, Japan.
Currently serves asDistinguished Professor at Graduate School of Dentistry, Kanagawa Dental University / Director of the SDM Clinic of Integrative Medicine.

Dr. Kawashima founded the Society for Eastern Medicine during his time at the Hokkaido University School of Medicine as a student. As a doctor, his research at the Tokyo Women's Medical University include the role of the kidney in protein metabolism; at Harvard Medical School and Massachusetts General Hospital, growth-regulating transcription factors. 

After his duration as Chief Doctor of the clinique at the Aoyama Naturopathic Medicine Research Center of Tokyo Women's Medical University 2003-2014, professor at Tokyo Ariake University of Medical and Health Sciences, Dr. Kawashima is now Specially Appointed Professor at the Graduate School of Dentistry of Kanagawa Dental University and Director of the SDM Clinic of Integrative Medicine.

Having served on numerous medical societies and committees as board member and executive director, Dr. Kawashima has also taught at several universities and authored multiple papers.

Placing emphasis on spontaneous remission, he was the first to combine Western modern medicine and complementary and alternative medicine (CAM) in practice at Japanese medical universities; he currently teaches integrative medicine at institutions of higher medical education. 

Dr. Kawashima continues to be at the forefront of Japanese medical universities' education, practice and research on integrative medicine.


message for aqua

mayu's music weaves a never ending tale of whispering leaves

and sparkling glades into sound and rhythm.

The notes that flow from her harp seem to flow into one's soul,

as solemn yet arousing as if nature itself.

Her music colors what was once a monochromatic soul scape,

reviving a restfulness and happiness often forgotten in the bustle of everyday life.

Here is harp music, where true peacefulness can be found.

Yasunobu KURATA

First introduced to mayu by a common acquaintance,

I was uncomfortable; her chosen instrument seemed way

far out of my area of expertise.
All worries flew out the window, however,

when I first heard her performingthe pedal harp live - mayu's liberal

creativity and gentle resonance blew away

all preconceptions I had of the instrument.

Hearing mayu's resolve as an artist when she reached out to me to act as producer/recording engineer for this new album "aqua," I realized we were

on the same page; I wanted to see what new heights mayu might reach

with her future creations. The rest is history; now, we work as a team.

Music isn't something you need to categorize or generalize.

Whatever a listener experiences through a piece of music should be the

truth for that one listener.
In the same way, I hope that, should you play the album;

you will enjoy mayu's artistic performance,

the depth of sound and musicality of “aqua.”

I hope you will enjoy the experience,

riding what waves and ripples of emotion may come of listening to the music.

Finally, I hope "aqua" will rejuvenate

what exhaustion and dehydration you might have.


Jun Takaya (SKY HIGH SOUL)

"forest dawning" transports me to a glade in the mountains,

dawn breaking amidst the morning mist; the scents of the woods,

the soil surrounding me in a soothing panorama

that seemed to ease awaymy physical tension.

The music was not simply auditory;

I could feel the sensation of energy rising from within me in microscopic bubbles.

The experience was like nothing else; the closest description might be

that of meditation: a leisurely reflection of the self.

mayu's creations are like mines of precious stones hidden deep within the earth;

only her music and paintings are mines of unconditional love.

Herein lies the reason I find myself replaying her music, her art over and over again... I truly believe that if mayu's music were to be heard by a wider audience,

her art would bring to the world a sense of deep contentment and security; of aqua.

I truly wish her music would be enjoyed by people all over the world.

Jewelry Designer

Kazuka Chiba

I remember feeling content, compassionate, even;
the first time I enjoyed the timbre of the harp.
While I had never thought myself to be stressed-out, I recognized for the first time
the slight fatigue that shadowed me as I listened to mayu's music.
mayu's sound was like water in a desert;

I could almost feel my brain cells rejuvenated; 
in the morning, I would feel leave for the office, tranquil and calm;
at night, my sleep would be deep, easing the day's fatigue.

Daichi Medical Co., Ltd.


Hiroyuki Nagatomo

The most beautiful melodies, sent with love

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