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You probably feel that the new era is already full of changes and transformations.
Changes and transformations will increase from now on.
There will be more and more events that make me feel like I am living in a 180 degree different era.
In such a situation, I was able to avoid being swayed by the influential people and environment around me.
For those who want to achieve the happiness of success with their true nature.
I think there are many.
In particular, he has a strong sense of mission and is a pioneer in nurturing and leading people.
Those who want to live a wide range of fundamental problems,
While taking care of yourself, we also take care of those who are important to you.
Addressing social issues and contributing to society with true sustainable thinking
Cultivate a self-centeredness that will allow you to develop,
Creating a state where you can enjoy the new era in your own way
I'm sure it will become possible.


60 minutes 22,000 yen (tax included)

 First Contact

Trial session

In a telephone session
Through inner child therapy and healing harp music therapy
Experience the session
We will clearly answer your specific questions.
That's why, during your break at the office, at a cafe when you go out,
If you are not feeling well, please take it while lying down on a bed etc.
No matter where you are, you can do it in a very relaxed style without worrying about your surroundings.
You can receive messages from your inner child as well.
I'll let you know, so please look forward to it.
Please let us know the details of your consultation by email.
We provide counseling based on inner child therapy.
To solve customer problems
How we can best support you and the HOW TO
We will explain this in an easy-to-understand manner, and if you have given consent, we will continue to do so.
Things that could not be done in regular sessions etc.
You can start changing your life as much as you can.
A large number of customers from a wide range of fields have fulfilled their original wishes.
You can actually understand why your life has changed.
I hope you will come to experience it.
Sleeping in your own subconscious mind
Let's recreate the wonders of our abilities together.
From your daily life to your social life,
Being able to live every day feeling happy and being yourself
It's true happiness, isn't it?

The extension will be a maximum of 20 minutes.
​Please contact us in advance.
If there are other customers making reservations after you, we may ask you to refrain from extending your reservation.

Only one trial session is allowed per person.
It also includes instructions on how to receive the session.

Only one trial session is allowed per person.
It also includes instructions on how to receive the session.

While Mr. Mayu is involved in many musical activities,
inner child care
We treat each person with care.
Customer satisfaction is very high,
Because there are so many people who repeat it.
The current status of accepting new applicants is as follows.
We have been waiting for 3 months.

At the online salon
You can experience Mayu Sensei's harp at any time.
I hope you enjoy it.

Before applyingterms of servicePlease read the terms carefully,
Please agree to this before applying.

Please refrain from recording during the session.

Recording of all conversations and healing harps is prohibited. For more informationProhibited matterPlease refer to the.

Steps for receiving a session

Apply for a session

Your email will arrive at Wave of Light and we will check it in order.
Suggestion of session date and time from wave of light
We will inform you of the payment method (payment will be made through STORES) by email.
(If you do not receive the email, we will contact you again.
We would appreciate your cooperation in contacting us again. )

Your session reservation will be completed once your payment is completed.

If you have any questions, please reply to Wave of Light's email.
If it is difficult to explain via email,
Please rest assured that we are also available by phone.

After completing the trial session,
For customers who want to continue their sessions

Basically, in the trial session (everyone can have one trial session per person).
We will create a plan for how to continue sessions that suits each customer.
We will make suggestions during the session.

[For inquiries regarding content not posted on the public page]

① Those who would like details of a single plan (regular session, special session, follow-up healing) tailored to their wishes.

② Those who would like to know more about the stage-up courses (beginner's course, basic course, advanced course) that have been specially prepared for a limited number of 15 people.

Please apply here.

We will send you a special private page via email.
After confirming the details, individual sessions and follow-up healing,
You can officially apply for the stage up course.
Please rest assured that we will respond carefully to any questions you may have about the details.


        After completing the trial session
By continuing in a way that suits you
  A plan to help you achieve the success of happiness that is uniquely yours.
Let's create together.
Please refer to the information below and visualize your dreams and hopes.

Image plan A


   You tube

Online         Salon membership



Trial session





Stage Up 



1. Beginners course
2.Basic course
​3.Advanced course


  By continuing, you will achieve success in the form of happiness.
               Become a truly sustainable you

Image plan B


   You tube

Online         Salon membership



Trial session







By continuing, you can achieve success in the form of happiness.
You will become a truly sustainable you.


For those who have had a trial session
​Please see here


Starting Session

​Normal session

In the new era, you are the owner of your life.

There are situations where you have no choice but to change from focusing on others to focusing on yourself.

It's happening one after another.

Have you actually experienced it?

​If you have had the trial session, you are probably feeling a lot of things now.

Is there anyone who can understand this on their own or who you can trust and consult with?

​Are you around?

Because you are such a high quality person, the concept of wave of light is

We feel it touched your soul.

Using Dr. Mayu's inner child therapy and healing harp music therapy

A chance encounter with a session where you can learn and enjoy how to live in your own way,

best for your inner child

The frequency of sessions that best suits you,

Custom-made plans that suit you, such as online salons

I would like to suggest

This content is suitable for those who are not yet accustomed to sessions.

That's why you, who don't know right from left, can feel safe.

to receive a session

​We will proceed very slowly and carefully at your own pace.

whether the session is right for you or not.

Would you like to take a look at the regular session?

In this new era, I am wondering if everything is right for me or not.

Instead of worrying about negativity for a long time,

​Try something new and experience it for yourself.

Active and positive thinking that narrows down what you really need

I will definitely change your life into something bright.

For those who want to start a session after completing a trial session


A truly sustainable you

A new era of living as the owner of your life,

There are many changes and transformations that cannot be predicted based on past experience.

If you are truly sustainable, you can choose a sustainable environment.

Your own true happiness

  Before you know itIf it were to contribute to societyI'm glad.

For this purpose, the new era that is necessary

human relationships,Eating habits, economic ideas, things related to love, etc.

Let go of the normality that you have cultivated in the past from your subconscious mind.

A new era that is 180 degrees different, faster than a normal session

You will be able to live a life that suits you.

Special Session

special session

It is difficult to convey the difference between a regular session and a special session in text alone, but
If you have had a trial session or regular session,
Do you have an idea of what you want to solve the problem?
Regular session and special session

Which do you feel is necessary for the real you = inner child?
Only if you learn how to live as your true self in the new era,

You can acquire the success of happiness.
If you acquire the success of happiness, the people around you (family, acquaintances, friends) and
Can you imagine the environment and society becoming better?
You are now living in a new era that is 180 degrees different from the past you experienced.

A 180 degree difference means you have a chance to start from scratch.

That is why past human relationships and the concept of time, until we enter a new era,

Eating habits, economic ideas, things related to love, etc.

The normality you have cultivated in the past is deep in your subconscious mind.

(There are traumas that you can be aware of and traumas that are unconscious.)

Past experience values in a form that suits the new era, which is 180 degrees different.

Do you realize that it is important to be able to make the most of it?

In the new era, past trauma and 〇〇 can be overcome, but

Beliefs such as not being able to do 〇〇,

There are times when you mistakenly think that you are acting based on yourself when in reality you are caring based on others.

Things that I find very difficult to realize on my own,

I think this is especially common among adults.

There are many changes and transformations in the new era, and if you only know it through knowledge, you will not be able to actually apply it to your daily life.
I'm sure many of you have had the experience of being in trouble if you don't make the most of it.
Many of our customers who continue our special sessions,

By continuing to receive custom-made special sessions rather than regular sessions,
The things you can't do in your daily life quickly become possible,
In a new era, there is no negative anxiety,
We have received many comments from people who say that they are able to live by thinking about the future.
You too will change from not being able to do it to being able to do it, and your anxiety about the new era will be reduced.
Self-care to live freely and easily as your true self

Would you like to get started with us?
Recovering the scenario of your inner child (soul),
Speedily develop your golden self-centeredness that does not waver under any circumstances,

Demonstrate your true sustainable abilities as soon as possible and become your own self.

I sincerely hope that you will be active in various situations and have a positive impact on society.

What is sustainable?

In English, it is a word that means ``I can keep going forever''.
What does it mean to create a sustainable society and live sustainably?
Don't just think about yourself, think about nature, living things,
Thinking about people from other countries and all kinds of people, and moving the future in a better direction.
It means that everyone around the world will continue to work together.

Stage Up Course

Stage up course


Special sessions are available for stage-up courses.
In order to continue taking the course, we will continue to follow the concept of each course.
Step by step according to the customer's current situation.
Our customers can experience our steady growth.
It has been unconsciously created in a very deep part of the subconscious mind.
While letting go of trauma that is generally very difficult to remove,
Recovering the scenario of your inner child (soul),
Speedily develop your golden self-centeredness that does not waver under any circumstances,
Step up to the next stage as a special top pioneer in a new era.
Recommended for those who are aiming for it.


A wave of light to such a wonderful person.Special stage up course
I decided to give it as a gift.

We offer a special price that is more reasonable than having a session alone.
Indispensable in a new era for those who are truly sustainable.
My unwavering golden self-centeredness
Grow faster and even a day earlier
In a new era, your original true sustainability
demonstrate one's abilities
By being active, you can have a positive impact on society.

Wave of Light offers three courses to help contribute to society.Limited to 5 people each
We offer special rates and great benefits.

Because he is such a wonderful and truly sustainable person,We want you to quickly enjoy the new era in your own way.
Inner child therapy and healing harp music therapy

By continuing, it will be easier to get the results you truly desire.
We recommend that you continue to receive it.
Wave of light will carefully select a course tailored to that person for a limited number of 5 people.
​I will give you a gift.Great stage up course
We sincerely hope that you, who are truly sustainable, will take advantage of it.

1. A service where you can receive special sessions continuously at special prices.
2. Free follow-up healing service
3. The online salon will start as soon as the sound equipment is ready.
  For various projects limited to online salon members.
 You can make priority reservations, etc.
4.Special Session Birthday Healing Gift
5. Priority reservations for session schedules, etc.


Everything you need to start a new era in order to live as you are.
To learn exactly how to live your life

Step 1

Step 2

Beginners course

Basic course

In a new era of many changes,
Everyone is the owner of their own life and should live their life according to their own sense of mission.
For those of you who want to quickly expand your unwavering golden self to infinity.
In this new era, your inner child (soul)

Do you know how to steadily make your wishes come true?
Letting go of past unconscious trauma
The one and only HOW TO that suits you as you utilize your experience points
It would be ideal if you could learn it in a delicate and easy-to-understand manner.
Let's work together to create a state where you can create miracles yourself.

Step 3

In this new era of many changes, everyone is the owner of their own life.

Living an active life that matches your sense of mission

The era in which we can enjoy the happiness of success has begun.

Build your unwavering golden self with infinite speedFor those of you who want to grow.

In the new era, your

While steadily fulfilling the wishes of the inner child (soul),

Contributing to a truly sustainable society,

I feel excited from the bottom of my heart, both socially and personally.

Do you know how to live a life of learning and enjoying?

If you have a strong sense of mission as a pioneer,Not just about myself,

Be close to othersWhile naturally wishing to give a gift of positive influence to society,

Not being able to realize oneself with reality, wandering astray and using the wrong methods

Trying various things and repeatedly failingI think there are many.

By knowing the life scenario that you originally want,

I started to value the minute process of things that I can't do but can do.

The frequency of successful experiences will increase, and the speed will increase.

You will be able to do a wide variety of things at the same time,

The sense of fulfillment in the day will also change.

You can get the ideal life that you originally wanted,

Is it possible for you and society to achieve continued happiness?Is it not?

We will gift you a special tailor-made program for such people.

Please have high expectations for yourself.

Let's work together to create a future that exceeds your imagination.

Advanced course


follow up healing

​Harp music therapy

Please actively use it in various situations to maintain the effects obtained from the session until the next session.

Level 1~

​ Only those who have received the session can apply.

For details on sessions and courses, etc.from wave of light
We will send you instructions via email.

​If you have any questions after viewing, please contact us.

Let me output what I felt during the session for you.

If we would like to publish your submitted content on our website, we will contact you.

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