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wave of light


Bringing the joy of living and enriching your daily life---

Bringing excitement that you have never experienced beforeTo the sound of truth

Your journey to connect begins here.

Mayu plays a song that is close to everyone's daily life.

​Welcome to the world of harps.


​Online Salon Open!

The long-awaited online salon has opened, where you can enjoy the sounds of mayu anytime and anywhere. You can enjoy songs based on a variety of themes anytime, anywhere.


​ハープ奏者 mayuについて

Mayu has spent half her life playing the harp, which she has been studying ever since she was a child. What is the path to becoming a player who can play gentle and deep tones that instantly connect with the heartbeat of life?



We are currently working on a new work for release in ○ month. We will invite you to a new world of harp through high-quality music that you won't believe is improvised. Please look forward to it.

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