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wave of light Terms of Use

1.Application of these Terms
   In order to provide this service, the operator (wave of light) has established terms of use regarding sessions, etc.

   All users of this service shall use this service after agreeing to the terms of use.

2.Conclusion of Terms of Use
  (1) Users are deemed to have agreed to these Terms of Use at the application stage.

(2) Users are responsible for checking the Terms of Use and the Operator (Wave of Light) at the time of service provision.

   's terms and conditions shall be strictly observed.

3.About delays

   If the start of the session is delayed by 10 minutes from the scheduled session start time due to customer's convenience.(in special casesExclusion

   d) Please note that the end time of the session will not change. 20 minutes from start timeprogressdoI can't contact you either.

   If not, it will be considered a cancellation.100% fee will be charged,There will be no refunds.

4.About cancellation

   herePlease check from.

5.About payment

   Payment will be made in advance at the online shop STORES. After reservation is confirmed3within daysPlease pay.

6.About sessions for minors

   If the user is under 18 years old (high school student or younger), parental consent is generally required to participate in the session.

It will be.

7.About personal information

   herePlease check from.

8.Prohibited matter

   During the session, recording of conversations and healing harps is strictly prohibited. ​

All copyrights and other rights to videos, songs, works, etc. belong to the operator or mayu.

Unauthorized reproduction for commercial purposes is strictly prohibited. If unauthorized use is discovered, please contact your legal advisor.We will contact you


 9.Extension fees, etc.

   If you wish to extend your stay, please purchase an extension ticket in advance and confirm your reservation date and time.Email

ToPlease let me know. Depending on the reservation situation, whether or not it is possible to extend the reservation and the length of time (maximum 20 minutes)I would like to inform you

Masu.If the consultation is complicated or the customer's special circumstances unavoidably require an extension of time,10 minutes 3,300 yen

Please pay the extension fee at STORES after the session.

If payment is not confirmed within 3 days, wave of light headquarters will contact you. 

   Inner child therapy, which is a special technique of experts, and healing harpMusic therapy for customersoffer

   The session time is from the start of the phone call to the end.To do.


   (1) The session is not a medical procedure. The session may be concluded depending on the consultation content and situation.If you doa


  (2)If you have already received treatment at a medical institution or counseling, please consult a doctor or see a specialist.adviceto

   Please follow the instructions and take this session.

  (3)Sessions do not guarantee that problems such as symptoms or situations will improve.

  (4)The effects you experience will vary from person to person, and we cannot guarantee results.

  (5)Users cannot claim responsibility for their sessions.

  (6)This session has nothing to do with religion or anything.

  (7)We cannot provide consultation regarding the life and death of people or the lifespan of living things.

  (8)We cannot provide consultations that require specialized knowledge, such as treatments for illnesses or mental and physical disorders.

  (9)We are unable to provide consultation regarding gambling, investment, gambling, etc.

(Ten)We cannot provide consultation regarding legal issues, crimes, or anti-social forces.

(11)If it is deemed to be a violation of the wave of light terms,We may cancel your service.refundteeth

   We do not.

(12)Regarding the online salon,Please check the terms and conditions of the online salon operating company.Direct operating companyto

   Please contact us.

(13)If you are sick,If you are feeling very tired, please call room,Lie down in a relaxed positionSetS

   optionMany people accept it.You can take it while you are home, such as during breaks at work or in your car.Some people doand othersWow

   I'll talk to you.For those who receive treatment in various situations and locationsMr. Mayu isvery flexibledo

   Please feel free to apply for a session.Bad signal situationBut please call me as many times as you like.Overlay

   I will fix it.

      The above terms of use may be partially changed, added to, or deleted due to various circumstances.

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